How Disputes On Domain Names And Trademarks Happen

Other than brand names, domain names or the websites' trademarks over the internet is also one source of entrepreneurial discontent online. Many businesses fight over trademarks and domain names for the right to use these names online. Domains online are extremely necessary. Without these domain names, there is now way for the computer to check for the web pages, and e-mail routers will find it impossible to facilitate the transmissions of correspondences.

This is the reason why domain names are treated like 'gold' online. But these are more than just faces for companies online; these are names that can be directly associated for products and services online. And that is why most online entrepreneurs are fighting over the use of these domain name and online trademarks.

Here's how domain assignment works. Domains that can be selected online are divided into hierarchies, with dot.COM ad dot.NET as the leading hierarchies. Now other than this division, domain names may be divided based on the country of origin, and each country has been categorized. For example, the top level will be dot.CA for Canada.
Now the problem over the representation of domain names happen in the second level- the label that comes after the top level domain name. For example in the case of, the second level is NBA. This is where trademarks issues are centered online. Many legal questions are centered on this issue. The conflict on domain names arises when two or more companies or entities stake a claim on the second level label.

For example if two companies stake a claim on conflict starts here. The only proper way to resolve this is for one party to relent, and to tweak the name of the second label, more like

For a more contemporary example over online domain name trademark issues, just check what happened to The first one to take this name is one author from a magazine working on content on domain names. Since this was associated with a big fast food chain, there were a number of suggestions forwarded to the author. And before he returned the domain name to the fast food chain, he asked for charitable donation coming from the company.

The domain name MTV was also the subject of conflicts online and offline. The name was originally registered by a former staffer of the company. But when this employee left the company, the management decided to control the domain name, and this resulted to legal actions and the courts was made to decide.

Disputes of this kind happen online. And with the dizzying number of companies trying to make their presence felt online, the probability of conflicts over domain names and trademarks for sites increases as well. This is why it is important that domain names should be evaluated and registered with the appropriate agencies.

There are a number of sites where domains can be searched and verified. And this is a cost-effective move than waging a domain ownership war online.

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