How To Protect Your Trademark

Under the rightful trademark law, all logos, names, and different marketing devices are provided legal protection. Trademark protection is henceforth considered easier if it falls under the "strong" category. If it is considered "weak", it will be a bit tedious to be able to qualify for the so called trademark protection.

Strong and Weak Trademarks Identified

There are two possible ways on how the trademark may be deemed as strong. They could have been born strong or they can become strong through time.

When we say that a trademark has been born strong, it means that it was precisely unique by the time it was created. It only originated from the mind and nothing else apart from that. Meaning to say, nothing else is named close to it. And should there be someone who even tries to infringe on the said trademark is likely to be noticed.

When the trademark is said to be "can become strong", it means that it isn't that unique when it was born yet has become very popular and very much known over time. To be able to achieve this, there are plenty of endorsements, advertising, marketing, time, and above all, customer satisfaction.

Hence, the popularity of a mark in the world of commerce makes it highly qualified for a trademark protection. And again, any efforts to infringe on the mark will be easily noticed.

How to Achieve a Strong Trademark

This is possible through extreme efforts in marketing and dedication, so to speak. Keep in mind that companies are not born overnight. More so, their popularity can't be achieved in such a short span of time. You must ensure that you include your trademark in all things that you do. Among of which include websites, business card, letterheads, email, marketing, advertising, and signs.

The more that you put your name for the world to know, the more individuals will be able to recognize you. Also, you must make sure that your company has a reliable customer service. Your goal is to keep the customers coming back and wanting them to recommend your company to others.

On the other hand, the weak trademarks don't get to qualify for trademark protection. It is based on a popular term, a location, or on a name of a person. Because they tend to be general, proving that there is any sort of infringement method is almost impossible. When people use all these on a daily basis, they fail to get trademark protection.

An exception is when the company expands and is able to prove a tremendous change in sales growth or any other form of public awareness for that matter. In such case, trademark protection can be awarded.

Avoid the Hassle from the Start

The best way to be certain that you will not go through the hassles and everything is to become unique right from the start. You can conduct your own research or even talk with a trademark attorney. You must likewise have your trademark registered to ensure that you can qualify to get protected under the trademark law.

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