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Do Yourself a favor and slow down if you like to react on Oki4Doki topics.

Yes, If you read something about how Oki4Doki promote itself as the next niche orientated wiki or you saw some early adopter posting links to their answers here or you got an invite from a friend who has been here for awhile.

Maybe you have signed up at Facebook and followed some people you know and read the niches they have suggested and now you jumped right in and will start asking questions!

Please, take approx. 30 minutes to figure out what the eco-system on Oki4Doki look like. Do not just assume that you will figure it out as you go along. This is not a free-for-all where you try to prove how smart and informed you are!

It is not a social network either, despite the fact that you as article writer will be part of a social community here.

Oki4Doki is a site that has already a small active community. Oki4Doki is also a site that has its own rules (like no, you cannot sign up with a fake name or a brand name.) It is a site that has a method for keeping the signal-to-noise ratio pretty good (people vote, edit and moderate here) but that relies upon people and people get annoyed when you do not respect their communities.

Answering a Question is not the same as posting a reply or talking to the guy above you trying to respond to his answer. If you are trying to do that, there is a little link right under his answer that says "Comment". That is where that goes. If you post a reply that is not an independent answer, than you can expect to get down voted.

Asking a question that makes assumptions, like "Why does everyone love horses?" is too broad, like "Who in California knows about programming?" or has already been asked (use the search part of the Oki4Doki box, maybe it fills in something similar) will probably get you edited or flagged. At the least, someone should be commenting to tell you why it is not acceptable.

Answering a question by saying "I assume you meant.." does not make you look clever or insightful, it means you should have asked the questioner to clarify it or you should have requested an edit. Remember that rule of "assume" please.

Yes, we all know you are brilliant and funny but take that back to Twitter. The point here is to add information to the knowledgebase, not to prove your keen sense of humor.

Do not ask yourself questions in order to answer them. It is a kind of telling your date -Look and see how brilliant I am? Let me show you!-

Do not answer a question by simply linking to an Oki4Doki article or to your company- or an other website. There are moderators here. There are people who will report you. You will get down voted. If you are really insistent, than you get banned.

If you do not know what you are doing? Take a bit of time and go look under the Oki4Doki topics or subtopics. Use that box at the top of the page to search. Listen first, read and see how the folks who have been here for awhile use it.

If you do not bother? Expect that your answers will get collapsed, down voted, and edited. Your questions will go unanswered except by other people trying to prove how smart they are. And you will find yourself wondering quickly why everyone said this place was so great.

The three basic principles you should always think about on Oki4Doki are:

1. Make the site a great resource for people who want to learn. Try to write questions in a way that leads to reusable, helpful question pages, and answers that are useful to users who have those questions. Improve things that you think could be better. Avoid doing things that make question pages harder to understand, or less useful to people who have those questions. Do not be afraid to do things that you think could make Oki4Doki a better resource.

2. Be nice. Do not make ad hominem attacks or otherwise disparage other users or their content. Be respectful and considerate, and assume that other people on the site are also trying to make it a great resource. Respect opposing or differing opinions, beliefs and conclusions. Try to listen to and understand others you may disagree with. Avoid profane and offensive language. Encourage others on the site to also be welcoming and respectful.

3. Explain why. When you write an answer, provide an illuminating explanation. If you list a fact that you found elsewhere, link to your source. Summarize links and references in a sentence or two (or more) to aid your readers. If you are giving an opinion, say why you think what you say.

These are the three basic principles of Oki4Doki and all the specific rules of the site flow from them.

Please, if you are new to Oki4Doki, click first on the Privacy Policy page, the Conditions page and the Disclaimer page to be informed about how to get started on Oki4Doki and about Oki4Dokies official policies and guidelines for new entrees and topics before using the Contact page.

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