Why Choose a Built-in Microwave Oven?

If your kitchen countertop has a limited space, the best choice you can get is a built-in or an over-the-range microwave oven. It doesn’t just free up counter space, it also comes in different trims and designs so you can always find one that will fit with your kitchen decors and interiors. While this microwave doesn’t come cheap, it typically has more advanced features. However, this type of microwave needs to be installed properly by a professional.

Here are some of the reasons why a built-in microwave oven is a good buy:

• Space
No doubt, a built-in microwave is the best way to enjoy the functions of a microwave without compromising your kitchen countertop’s space. In many American kitchens, one of the largest appliances that occupy the kitchen worktop is the microwave oven. Although this is not an issue in houses with large kitchen, it does matter in small city apartments or pads. By getting a built-in microwave, you no longer need to look for a space where you can put your model.

• Quality
Though this kind of microwave comes more expensive, its quality is usually better than stand-alone units that you can get for a much lower price. So before deciding to purchase such microwave, weigh up first your needs and the benefits you’ll get from such type of oven. By so doing, you can find out if this is really worth the investment.

• Safety
The best thing about choosing a built-in microwave oven is it makes it possible for you to position the appliance at a height that’s very much comfortable for your stature. By so doing, you no longer need to stoop over like what you do when taking out hot food from the oven. This makes it much easier and safer for you to handle hot food and other items from the microwave.

If you don’t have a built-in microwave, you can counter this problem by mounting your stand-alone model on brackets found on the wall. Mounting either a built-in or a conventional oven on the wall must be done by a professional. Since microwaves are usually heavy, they should have strong support.

Replacing a Built-in Microwave Oven

If you’re planning to replace your old built-in microwave but your budget isn’t enough to pay for the services of the pro, you can do the installation by yourself. You just need to have someone that will lend you a helping hand and will support the weight of the microwave during installation.

Here are some installation guides to help you up:

1. Unscrew the bolts of your old unit while someone is holding it.

2. Unplug its electrical cord.

3. Roll the microwave oven to the right or left to free it from its mounting bracket in the back. Unlock the unit from its place so it can be totally detached from its place.

4. Install the brackets that’s included in your new pack of microwave.

5. Snake the wire of your new microwave in the hole above the cabinet.

6. Plug the microwave’s electrical cord.

7. Lock the new microwave in its place.

8. Using an electric drill or a screwdriver, screw in bolts into the microwave mounting bracket to securely keep the unit in place.

By following these steps, you can now make your new microwave ready for use.

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