Safety Tips In Using A Microwave Oven

Clearly, every household now keeps a microwave oven. Why is it so? Well, the main reason is that cooking can be very fast with the use of this appliance. In a matter of minutes, you can already enjoy a very delicious and hot meal. If you are running late, you can simply push on the automatic function keypads and your food can be re-heated in a matter of minutes. When cooking without oil, anything is also possible. All of these are done because of this high technology innovation.

Have you ever imagined your life without a microwave? Surely, that would somehow bring inconvenience especially if you have been so used to finishing things fast and easy. Nevertheless, as you employ this appliance in your home, it is best to know of the safety tips on how to use it. You see, accidents happen when you least expect them. Yet, there are ways on how you can save yourself from the dangers of scalds, burns, as well as exploding food inside.

Below is the list of things to remember when cooking. Thus, read on to find out the safety tips in handling your device confidently.

Read the user's manual before operating this kitchen device. Check out if what you have bought complies with all of the FDA emission limits. Also look at the interior and see if there are leaks, bents, and other defects that may cause you harm.

Never use it when empty. You never know what may happen afterwards.

Keep out of children's reach. Instruct them not to operate the microwave on their own especially if they are still too young to do so.

Heating liquid or water should be done with precaution as overheating can cause the water to explode and give you serious burns and scalds.

Do not overheat foods. The keypad designates the recommended temperature for certain foods.

Cooking inside the microwave must be properly observed. It is best to ensure that you use covered containers so that the splattering of food over the microwave's interior surface will be avoided. When those containers with cling film are used, better poke some vent holes in it with the use of knife to let out the hot steam.

Safely uncover the cooked food. Start opening the cling film or lid from the side. Follow a direction that sides away from your face. Be sure to keep your face and your hands away from the steam or any hot liquid so you will not suffer from a painful burn.

The exploding of food inside the microwave can be avoided by means of pricking it with the use of fork. This is effective to be able to dense the food items that have skins like tomatoes, potatoes, sausages, egg yolks, and the likes.

It is always best to utilize the "microwave safe" containers. Avoid using those with metal bits. Never place metal or foil inside the microwave.

To sum things up, the microwave can do wonders in cooking and can surely be of great help in your household. These safety tips should be borne in mind so accidents will be avoided under any circumstance.

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