Microwave Turntable—Why You Need it

The ease and convenience that a microwave offers can't be denied in any way. That is the main reason as to why the device has become a staple in every modern kitchen. It is able to cook food quickly less the hassles of using fire. In fact, even your children can be trusted to use it without having to worry that they will get hurt provided of course that they are of the right age and they know how to properly operate it. However, there are times that the food doesn't get even microwaves and so it turns out half cooked or half heated. In such case, you need to use a microwave turntable.

What is a microwave turntable?

The microwave turntable is the apparatus that you must place inside which then turns around slowly so that the food gets evenly cooked. That means saving you the time and effort of pushing the stop button to rotate the food container inside every couple of minutes.

How helpful is the turntable?

In many cases, the use of the turntable is too helpful because it doesn't only let you save time to heat or cook the food but it likewise ensures that the item receives even distribution of microwaves. It is also safer because it saves you from possible injuries than if you turn the food inside manually.

It is highly advisable that you make use of the turntable so your food doesn't taste ridiculous and that nothing is wasted.

How do you clean the microwave turntable?

All cooking utensils and devices should be cleaned after use. Why? It is for the very basic reason that you put food in them or that you use them directly in cooking your food. Therefore, it only follows that their cleanliness are ensured. In the same case, the turntable should also be maintained clean. It is important that it is dirt-free and unsoiled so no bacteria will find their home in it. After all, it is the turntable that comes mostly in contact with your food.

To clean the turntable, you should take it off the microwave. This will also clear the space so you can clean the inside of the device with a clean and damp piece of soft cotton cloth. Just be sure that it is not hot when you hold it. If the turntable is made of glass, you can simply soak it in the sink and normally wash it with soap and water.

Use warm water to soften the tough stains or food residue. Scrub it with a sponge and trustworthy dish detergent.

Make sure that it has completely dried before you place it back to the microwave oven. Have it air-dried or use a kitchen towel. Just ensure that it doesn't contain water as you put it back.

Take note that the use of glass cleaner isn't recommended on your microwave turntable. This will only contaminate the food you cook or heat and compromise your health.

These days, most of the manufactured microwave ovens come with their turntables already attached inside. Many of them are made of glass while some look like a plate or a tray. It always depends on the brand of your choice. In case the one you bought doesn't have it or if your old one has been broken, you can always find the right turntable to buy.

The microwave turntable comes in a variety of materials, designs, and sizes. You can also search the Internet for the great deals that you can grab.

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