How To Clean Your Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is one of the most important electrical appliances that you can find in almost all American kitchens. Since most moms nowadays are working at home so they can spend time with their kids, isn’t it great to own some things and appliances that can help you do a lot of things in just a limited period of time? This is the main reason why microwave ovens are becoming increasingly popular.

Microwaves don’t just make it possible for you to do an array of tasks even with minimum supervision. Hence, such appliance saves you a lot of time and good deal of effort that you can use for other tasks. Because of its functions, it is very much significant that you maintain its cleanliness. Much like cooking in the microwave, cleaning it doesn’t need much effort and resources.

You can clean your microwave oven anytime you want to. Here are some steps in cleaning it:

1. Unplug first your unit’s electrical cord.
Before you start cleaning your microwave, unplug its power cord. After doing so, check the cord for dirt and damage because a damaged cord is dangerous. If the cord is still in good condition, wipe it down to eliminate dirt and dust.

2. Inspect your dirty microwave.
Examine your microwave oven to know how dirty the unit is and to find out which of its interior components can be taken out. If you know which of these components are dirtiest, you’ll also know which of them needs scrubbing. You can pretreat these parts as well using all-purpose spray or by rubbing these spots with a mild detergent.

3. Take out the microwave’s turntable.
Depending on the model you get, it can have a plate, a glass turntable, or a tray inside. Take this item out and wash it.

4. Remove the microwave’s turning element.
If your model has a rotating element, take that piece out so you can clean it well. If you aren’t sure how you can use it, consult your user’s manual.

5. Clean your microwave’s interior.
Your microwave’s interior, especially the top portion, can get very dirty. Start cleaning the top portion of the unit with a sponge that’s non-abrasive. You can use small amount of mild dish detergent and water. After the microwave’s top, move to the sides and the door.

6. Rinse the sponge regularly.
In between steps, wash the sponge thoroughly with hot water and gentle dish detergent or soap. This will eliminate crumbs that get stuck in it while keeping your sponge warm and always ready to deal with another group of dirt. Then, wipe the microwave’s bottom, paying more attention to those dirty areas with spills.

7. Clean the edge of the microwave.
Focus also on the corners as well as the exterior and interior edges of the microwave. If possible, make your own cleaning tool that you can use in cleaning the edges.

8. Clean the exterior portion of the microwave.
This is the final touch of your cleaning process. Clean all sides of your microwave’s exterior.

9. Put back the turntable and the turning element.
If the turning element and turntable is already dry, put them back to their place. Then give your microwave a final look.

By following such steps, you can make your unit clean and ready to do its task well once again.

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