How To Choose The Right Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is considered as a busy man's best friend. If you rely much on pre-cooked foods just to satisfy your hunger while you save on more time, then a microwave is certainly the appliance that should sit at the center of your kitchen.

With its increasing popularity, the market now offers numerous options for a microwave oven. Different brands with different sizes and functionalities entice every food addict to purchase one and put in almost any kind of food that is available in the kitchen.

If you're one of those who are still on the lookout for the right microwave oven, there are factors that you need to ponder on before you shed out some money for that precious appliance.

Size and Space Matter

When buying a microwave oven, consider its size and the available space that your kitchen has for it. Will it be placed counter top, or built into your kitchen? Go for a counter top one if you want your oven to be portable. On the other hand, a built-in oven is advisable if you can still make room for it in one of your kitchen cabinets. This can save you more kitchen space.

Abide by some measurements so as not to sacrifice your kitchen's atmosphere while you do your cooking. Provide an inch or two around the sides of your oven to allow some air to come in for proper ventilation.

User Friendly Controls

What does it feels like when you have an appliance that has small and unclear buttons for you to operate on? If you're a first time microwave user, this might confuse you all the more and might lead to improper usage. Manual controls are not complicated to follow, but most of the microwaves today now have electronic buttons to simplify heating and cooking methods. Look for electronic controls that can be configured and used easily.

Functionalities vs. Cooking Needs

More and more functionalities are being incorporated to microwave ovens over the years. However, you are not obliged to buy the most functional of them all in order to appreciate the oven's usability.

Weigh your needs against the functionalities present on the oven. If your only purpose of using the microwave is just to defrost or reheat packaged foods, then you can buy an oven that has the basic and minimal functionalities. If you will also use it for cooking and baking, then you have to buy a microwave that has more advanced features.

Some of the advanced enhancements include convection cooking that browns the food while it is being cooked, an automatic sensor that detects when the food being cooked is already done, and a turntable plate that allows the food to constantly revolve inside the oven. This makes sure that all parts of the food are evenly cooked.

Microwaves are already considered a necessity in current times, but before you acquire one, make sure to know all of these factors. It is good to maximize the oven's capabilities by matching it to your needs. Choose wisely in order to save some money!

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