A Look At The History Of Microwave Ovens

The human race has indeed accomplished several inventions that completely turned life easier to live. With these innovations, tasks are done with full speed and complete ease. To mention, the microwave ovens form part of this brilliant contraption. It is a vital kitchen device that is used in baking, cooking, boiling water, and thawing. The truth is that this little dynamo is capable of doing lots of things.

It matters to us that food is prepared quickly especially if you do live a hectic lifestyle. Hence, there is nothing more helpful than possessing this kitchen appliance right in your own home. But do you know where it came from and how it was discovered? Well, this article will lead you to its history so read on!

An Accidental Discovery

Little do people know that the microwave oven has been accidentally found as certain by product of other technological inventions. The history of this kitchen appliance goes a long way back to the World War II era wherein there were two brilliant scientists who created a magnetron, a specific type of tube that emits microwaves. In the war, the magnetrons were mounted into the radar system of Britain which helped a lot in spotting the Nazi fighter planes. A couple of years after, these scientists discovered that the then microwaves were able to cook food. Even more, the very first microwave was too heavy and as big as the size of a refrigerator.

It was in the year 1946 when the microwave's capacity to cook food was discovered by no less than Dr. Percy Spencer. He was then working for the Raytheon Corporation on some radar-related research project. He was testing the magnetron when he noticed that the candy bar which was inside his pocket suddenly melted. It was an unusual thing for him and so he conducted another experiment. This time, he put popcorn kernels near the tube and he was very surprised to see the popcorn crack and sputter. Thereafter, other experiments were conducted which led to the conclusion that the microwave's temperature can be escalated which cooked food faster.

The households began employing microwave ovens in the year 1967. Amana, the company that was a subsidiary of Raytheon, first marketed its Radarange countertop microwave oven. It was smaller yet safer and also very expensive like about $500 for its selling price. Of course, its introduction did not give a successful sale but in 1975, the microwave oven has proven to all households that it has an ability that surpasses what is expected of the gas ranges. And so, in the years to come, more and more people demanded for this appliance.

With the passing of time, many companies have started manufacturing and marketing their creations. Each microwave is different from the other in terms of design, capacity, size, taste, shape, and price. These days, the appliance comes in numerous features like sensor cooking, defrosting, convection, automatic setting, and many other cooking applications.

Indeed, the microwave ovens have captured the hearts of many households. And so now, they are very much needed.

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