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Oki4Doki is a part of TUEX Experts in Export. TUEX Experts in Export is specialized in the global import, export and distribution of technical goods.

TUEX Experts in Export is since 1884 an international trading company.

TUEX Experts in Export comes from Sliedrecht, a nice town near Rotterdam.

Correspondence address:
P.O. Box 1
NL-3360 AA
The Netherlands

Courier- and delivery address:
Madame Curiestraat 24
NL-3316 GN
The Netherlands

Tel: +31(0)62 42 70 473
Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam nr: 243.08.200
VAT/IVA: NL8089.25.544.B01

Mr. Ing. Hans-Peter M. Mul
Markgraf (Marquis) von Boehmen.

H.P.M. Mul Wappen der Familie von Böhmen und Austerlitz

More information is just an e-mail or phonecall away!

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