Workplace Safety – Preventing Accidents In The Workplace

Big accidents are prevented by small precautions. In fact, dumb acts are likely to cause accidents four times higher than a workplace that is hazardous. To increase workplace safety, the following will help.

Taking risks
This is a fine attribute. In fact, nothing substantial in the world has ever been achieved without some risk taking. However, when risks are taken without a good understanding and a good evaluation of the consequences, risks could be just that, risks. Better not take it. Even when substantial bragging rights will be in order, nothing is better than having all the limbs and parts in the body working well together. It is not worth it. Never worth it.

Making Shortcuts
Cutting edges and making short cuts are not always efficient aside from potentially endangering the workplace and the people in it, too. Remember that an accident usually involves more than one person aside from reputation, investigation, reports, litigation, and other expenses. It is understandable to finish on time but always the best way to do that is by being safe. If an employee gets a kick from working faster than time, it may be the employees' favorite sport. Transfer the employee somewhere else. When belligerent, you are better off without him.

The Safety Handbook
Safety handbooks are excellent aids, the problem oftentimes is that rank and file employees seldom reads it. If ever, the employee will likely open the handbook when a problem has already occurred. Never assume that an employee knows safety procedures because the employee was issued a safety handbook. To reduce accidents in the workplace, supervisors must be provided time to discuss the safety precautions and other work related issues with his subordinates.

Winging It
New employees in particular are on most occasions timid and would not ask too many questions. This is basically the fear of losing face. This attitude is more pronounced with Asian cultures. To assume that the new employee would "wing it" instead of being sufficiently informed on safety measures employed could prove fatal.

Disorganized Workplace
Poor housekeeping is always an accident waiting to happen. Remove hazards and other items where it should not belong. Keep materials, equipment, and tools in their places and keep it that way. Sooner, even disorganized employees would catch on. What is more, a safe, orderly workplace instills pride even among slobs. It is so easy to add mess to a place that is already disorganized. On the other hand, workplaces that are properly kept have the tendency to win the cooperation of workers to keep it that way.

Remove Distractions
There are jobs that could do with little distractions while there are jobs that require focus. Even so, distractions create downtime. It is also a fertile area where accidents are caused. In tasks that require much attention, even chats must be kept to a minimum if not totally discouraged.

There is no substitute for tasks that are pre planned before the undertaking. Well thought off procedures and methods saved countless limbs let alone lives.

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