The Power Of Colors During Stress Management

Association of Stress and Colors

Stress has become interwoven into people's lives that most have accepted it as a natural part of life. Meanwhile, for some others, it has become somewhat of an epidemic. There are several reasons why people develop stress and while you cannot control where it is coming from, you can always exhibit proper stress management techniques to combat their effects in your life.

Recent research studies have shown the link between personality traits and impact of stress in one's life. This has prompted researchers to look into what other factors could affect the way people view stress in their life. A new color system is just one of the results to this ongoing research effort. But how true is it that color can actually impact your ability to cope with stress more effectively?

Color Therapy

The idea of using color as a stress management technique is indeed new and offers a more interesting approach in battling stress in one's life. Indeed, the little choices of color that must would refer to as trivial can actually impact your ability to handle or cope with stress.

This is not just a myth since this claim has been well supported with scientific evidence and study. Color therapy though is not yet officially accepted as a legitimate approach to stress management but is still largely considered as a complementary or alternative approach to healing. One reason for this is that colors affect your five basic senses to deliver a holistic impact to one's health condition. Therefore, you need to choose the colors you surround yourself with thoroughly to facilitate in enjoying stress relief results.

Calming Effects of Color

Different colors have been known to produce an overall calming effect due to its ability to elicit psychological and emotional responses in the body. There are several colors there are but for this purpose, you will learn about the impact of basic colors when it comes to your personal stress management efforts:

*Red This color creates a stimulating and exciting effect into your system, which is therefore not recommended if you are looking to achieve effective stress management. However, it is ideal for awakening if you had recently suffered from an emotional slump.

*Blue This color is known to create a calming and soothing effect such that it is ideal for use in stress management. Surround yourself with this color to facilitate in creating a cooling and calming effect to both mind and body.

*Green This color inspires a restful experience such that it is really effective in overcoming anxiety as you can enjoy more emotional harmony.

*Yellow This color inspires a cheerful and sunny attitude, such that it is recommended for stress relief due to its ability to put you into a positive state.

*White This color symbolizes clarity, and that is a particular quality that you need to have or develop in times of stress.

*Orange This one too, like red, is not ideal for relieving stress and must therefore be avoided. On the other hand, it helps to provide a burst of energy whenever you are feeling down.

Final Recommendations

Now that you know what the different meanings of color is, you can now make a better choice about which colors to surround yourself with (and which colors to avoid) if you want to enjoy benefits of proper stress management. Whether it be in your choice of clothes, or in the prevailing colors of your surroundings, it is important to know that you can now have control over these elements and use them to your advantage.

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