How to Keep Your Pressure Washer in Good Working Condition

All types of machineries are bound to fail because of wear and tear. And, if you have a pressure washer, you might want to know how to maintain it because this is also a machine subjected to wear and tear.

Ill-maintained pressure washers will tend to reduce its effectiveness over time and it will also compromise safety of the user as well as the people around it.

With proper care and maintenance, you will be able to keep your pressure washer in good working condition and also make it last for many years and allow you to keep on doing those cleaning jobs efficiently and effectively.

So, here are some of the preventive maintenance tips that you should do for your pressure washer.

First of all, you need to maintain your pressure washer after using it. One way to do this is to flush the chemical or detergent intake with clear running water. Clearing out detergent and other chemical residues will prevent corrosion in the pump, motor as well as in the wand.

After that, you have to turn the pressure washer off. However, you need to keep the nozzle in the open position in order to reduce pressure in the hose. Although the hose is designed to withstand high pressure, subjecting it to high pressure for prolonged periods of time will eventually break it.

You should then purge excess water from the pump. For gas models, you need to pull the start rope 4 to 5 times. For electric models, you need to flip the switch on and off for a few seconds.

After purging all the excess water from the pump, the next step is to disconnect and drain all the hoses. This will help the inside of the pressure hose to dry more quickly, which will prolong its life.

After that, let the engine or motor of the pressure water cool down. Then, after it is already cool, you can now store it. Keep in mind that the proper way to store a pressure washer is to store it in a cool and dry place. It should be protected from the harshness of the weather.

From time to time, you may also want to take the pressure washer to a nearby service center. The professionals here will be able to look closer in to the pressure washer and see if there are anything that needs to be replaced, such as gaskets and other components.

Doing these things will help keep your pressure washer in good and working condition. It will also maintain your pressure washers efficiency and it will also maintain its safe operation.

By keeping your pressure washer maintained, you can be sure that you will be able to prolong its operating life and eventually save a lot of money on parts and repairs.

These are the ways on how you can maintain your pressure washer. Always remember that well-maintained pressure washers will not only keep it working efficiently but it will also help in preventing compromising safety during operation.

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