Free Electricity? Impossible!

When the mail comes, itís almost a possibility that you will whine over your utility bills, and one bill which never fails to draw a gasp or a sigh, or worse, a scream, is the electricity bill. Frustration, irritation, annoyance, desperation, you name it, you have probably felt it. Thatís why if someone offers you the opportunity to have free electricity, you may also add disbelief, doubt and maybe a hysterical laugh to your list of emotions. But you know what, itís true, itís not impossible anymore, free electricity can and does happen, and thatís by using a power generator.

When people think about power generators they instantly think of the noisy, fuel powered, bulky machines that we use during power outages. Well yes thatís true, but itís not exactly free electricity because you still have to pay for the fuel needed to make it create electricity. When we say free electricity, we do mean free. Well, not exactly, at the start, since you have to pay to buy the parts you will need to build your power generator, but after that, itís all free. And this type of power generator is fueled by the sun and the wind, which is, well, free for everybody.

Solar and wind power generators can now be a do it yourself project which can save you thousands of dollars, tens of thousands. Because wind and solar power is free, all you have to do is to build the initial set up and your home free. Doing so will help you cut up to 80 percent of your electric bills, some homes, with low power consumptions, can even get off the grid and generate their own power.

Imagine, just by having a bank of batteries, you can store all the energy generated by your solar or wind powered generator and have enough energy to power your home even on a cloudy, or a windless day, even if its night time, you can use all your stored energy in your batteries and not have to rely on the sun. In fact, you donít only get free energy; you can also make money out of them. The excess energy you produce can be sold to your local electric company allowing you to make a profit.

The hard part is creating your own solar or wind powered generator. If you donít have the skills in building projects, then it would be so much harder for you. Luckily, we do have friends and family members that can help us out.

And fortunately, there are many kits of DIY solar and wind power generators that are already available in the market which we can just simply purchase to get started. Determining which type you need will be based on how much power consumption your home requires. You can choose from the wide array of designs being marketed today and see which one would fit your homeís design. The internet also offers numerous guides on how to build a power generator for your home, all you need to do is to download it and follow the step by step guide.

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