The Disadvantages Of Mobile Computing Devices

The trend of mobile computing devices has entered the society like rapidly flowing water. Today, an increasing number of the population, from all walks of life, hop on the bandwagon of using such devices and depending on them so intensely. But really, how can these mobile computing devices help the society?

Looking deeper into the advantages that such technology brings, you will agree that these mobile computing gadgets make life easier for people by making information readily available to them,; making communication a click away, and at the same time encouraging multi-tasking to its users. However, having the capability to help its users, it also has its own side of disadvantages and risks.

Pros And Cons Of Mobile Computing

While information can be readily accessed through the World Wide Web, it does not guarantee people of its validity and accuracy. Since information can be easily uploaded in websites, it immediately strips the information off its validity. Unlike books that undergo a tremendous process of scrutiny before publication, internet sites are only minutes away from being published in the virtual realm.

Plagiarism: Anyone Guilty?

In addition, the age of the World Wide Web greatly encourages plagiarism to information-seeking individuals, especially students. Since information from websites can be copied and pasted on their clipboards, the possibility of how much plagiarism that can occur is limitless. In a larger scenario, such kind of setup promotes the violation of property rights among the websites.

Producing Non-Thinkers Vs. Striving For Excellence

These things, if taken into another light, actually encourages a generation of non-thinkers and non-creativity. Thinking that information is only a kilobyte away actually hinders people to strive for continued excellence and curiosity. No matter how advantageous it is for information to be at the tip of one's finger, it heightens the chances of his dependency on the mobile devices. Thinking that the mobile computing device is a reliable tool for every need that he has will eventually make him more dependent on it instead of relying on his own potentials.

Keeping It Personal

Since mobile computing devices let users connect to the virtual world from anywhere that they please, they may eventually forget the traditional way of communicating with people. The virtual comfort that the mobile computing device offers to its users contributes to their decreasing opportunities for human interaction. Since they are locked in the confinement of their mobile devices, they are incapable of exploring the conventional method of meeting people and interacting with them.

Mobile Computing: Developing A World Of Materialism Or Function?

Realistically, mobile computing devices are much more expensive than most gadgets. As telecommunication corporations divulge on making the mobile computing device a better tool for everybody, so does its market value increase making it less accessible to some people. Not every individual can afford such tool which actually may already be considered a luxury item. Only selected individuals have the capacity and resources to buy these mobile computing devices. In time, having these devices as the standard of the society may introduce a whole new age of materialism to the present generation. With such in context, people may be shifted away from the most valuable human values.

Truly, mobile computing can shape the future of our society, but without proper use, it can also destroy it. While giving our enthusiasm to such wonderful device, it is also our responsibility and judgment to be wise in using it.

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