The Many Benefits you can get from Cardio Kickboxing

Nowadays, learning a martial art and getting a good cardio workout can be considered one and the same. There is not much difference as with a good martial art lesson and training, you get the same results and the constant and rigorous movements that a cardio workout requires. Think about it, in an aerobic dance class, you also tend to jump, stretch, and move your arms around; its the same way with kickboxing, only you do more high impact movements like punching, kicking, and combined kicking and jumping. And with that out of the way, you can now concentrate on the many benefits that cardio kickboxing can provide for you. These benefits are the reasons why kickboxing classes are sprouting all over the country.

You may have already heard about Tae BO, and its creator Billy Blanks, it is a very popular cardio workout that has incorporated kickboxing into its program. As many of you have probably already seen, Tae Bo is a mishmash of an aerobic dance workout that includes some high impact kicking and boxing. This in turn develops a workout program that is highly energized, produces great results, and is very intense. Tae Bo though is just one form of cardio kickboxing, they are not all the same, your routine will depend on the program that your instructor has developed but basically they provide the same concept.

What you need to understand though is that a cardio kickboxing training program is very different from actual kickboxing lessons directed for personal self defense and training. Cardio kickboxing has some of the elements of kickboxing but its more designed to pump your body, getting it the exercise it needs, rather than develop fighting skills that can be used for competitions and bouts.

You dont learn ho to fight per se, or other techniques kickboxing is known for, like ground movements, blocking an attack, throwing your assailant and all other components needed in hand to hand combat. Mostly, in cardio kickboxing, you will be working out your heart and body, release stress by doing kicks, punches, and jumps. But, cardio kickboxing is a great way to introduce yourself kickboxing and can give anyone a head start if they plan to learn the martial art later on.

The main benefits that anyone can expect from cardio kickboxing is health development. As it is a highly intensified workout program, you will be making your heart pump faster, burn off calories, sweat off your fats all at the same time having much more fun than the old and boring regular aerobic workout. And if you have done countless cardio workout programs before, then you know that having fun while doing them counts a lot. It helps pass the time and egg you to continue on.

Cardio kickboxing also helps build stamina and energy. You will also enhance your mobility and balance. At first, the moves may seem awkward, but with a little practice, you too can be a master in this exercise art form.

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