Rules And Indoor Kids Games

Games, psychologists say, are benchmarks for children on how they will act and play real games when they become adults. As always, a set of rules are needed for games, either played by kids or adults. And certainly there is no difference with indoor kids games or those done outdoors.

Some of the handed-down games we play today dont have instruction manuals. Yet, we somehow know what the rules are. And we know, too, if the rules are not followed, if there was cheating or if there were questionable moves we think are not right.

Made-up rules

Actually, some of the best childrens games are those where the rules are made up. There are certain childrens games that resemble some of our old cherished games, and we discover that the children had altered them.

The more important aspect, actually, is if the rules (made up or original or altered) are followed. By being clear on rules, there is less trouble, less disputes and arguments, and losers accept their losses.

Laying down rules

In childrens games, there is always one child who knew the rules. Even if the rules were changed, this kid will know it by heart and would keep reminding every one who breaches them.

Sometimes the new rules would be worked out, and the old ones were discarded. After a time, the new rules would have inconsistencies in them and they would be discarded later, in turn. This know-it-all kid would remember them the next day when the game is played again.


It is always a good policy, then, to establish rules in advance before the games are played. This is especially true in childrens indoor games where there are so many variations of familiar games. Each place seemed to have a version of any game.

Setting the rules clearly and having everyone to agree should be implemented first before any game. This is to avoid arguments later when the game has begun. But as adults would later find out, children (the younger ones, especially) find it fun to change rules and make up new ones as they go along with whatever game they have.

Fair play and cheating

When children play games, squabbles arise over the rules all the time. Many kids do not bother to read the rules before starting games. Getting the kids into the rules first will teach them to be fair players.

More disputes, however, are caused by cheating. Kids are creative when it comes to sneak around rules and most will do so given the chance.

Historically, there had always been cheaters in games, whether played by kids or adults, indoor games or outdoor competitions. To avoid conflicts, it is best to establish a no-cheating rule. (Cheating will forfeit the whole game, points are deducted, or at least, a turn.)

Enjoying the game

Lest everyone gets distracted and becomes very strict in everything, an adult could make light the situation. One way is to invent games where cheating is integral to winning.

These should, of course, be selective, lest wrong signals are given to the children. The most important signal is that games should be enjoyed and not littered with disputes and arguments and outright quarrels. This applies on both outdoor and indoor kids games.

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