What You Need to Make Handcrafted Jewelry

Have you ever heard of jewelry made by hand? Sounds impossible, but its possible. Jewelry is not just formed by machinesthey can also be handcrafted. Because of the bigger effort and amount of time spent on producing jewelry by manual labor, handcrafted jewelry is more expensive than jewelry formed by machines. However, there are handmade jewelry items that can be bought at very low prices in some countries.

Did you know that you can make your own jewelry right at your home? It is not as expensive as you might think because creating such type of jewelry involves the use of simple and readily available materials such as beads. Working on beads is in fact one of the simplest types of handmade jewelry. It is because you do not have to do the difficult part of the job, which is the creation of the beads themselves. Whats more, creating handmade jewelry does not require any special machine.

Creating beaded handmade jewelry is so easy that you can learn it on your own. This do-it-yourself handcrafting project allows you to freely experiment with and choose the designs you deem will work for a particular jewelry you are making. So, regardless if you are an amateur or a pro when it comes to handmade jewelry, you can confidently make one without the need for help from others. Another benefit of creating this type of jewelry is that it is not too time-consuming. You can complete this handcrafting project in just a short time. This makes it ideal for earning profits out of the hobby or making last-minute gifts for special occasions. Sounds exciting, isnt it?

To get started, you have to collect the necessary tools and materials to complete the project. Of course, you need some needles to aid you in placing the beads on the thread. You must invest in a set of needles in a variety of sizes so that you wont go through the hassle of buying one by one the needles you are going to need. The thread should be of high quality, meaning its strands shouldnt break easily while you are making jewelry by hand. Choose a thread thats specifically designed for handmade jewelry. You also need some beeswax for coating the thread. Finally, a good case or container for your beads can save you a lot of headaches because it helps you organize your beads and prevent them from messing up in your work area.

The next step is to select the beads you will use. Go to a bead shop so that you can see for yourself the different kinds of beads offered there. If this is your first time to create handmade jewelry, purchase beads with at least the size of 11/0. That way, you avoid struggling through putting very small beads together.

Once you have mastered the art of creating beaded handcrafted jewelry, you might want to learn more advanced techniques such as using pre-bored and pre-cut stones held by silver wire.

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