Indonesian Handcrafters

Developed a love for Indonesian handicrafts? Indonesian crafts are known for their designs influenced by early animalistic beliefs, Hinduism, Chinese Indian, Arabic, and Islamic culture. Today, the Indonesian handicraft has fully developed as a rich cultural heritage art form and considered as one of the country's true natural riches. Here are some of the best Indonesian handcrafters:

1. The Sarong Site or Batik Sarongs - This online store specializes in creating handmade batik sarongs, a long piece of garment wrapped around the waist or around the body. Batik sarongs are made using a delicate process of dyeing. The most popular item of these handcrafter stores is the hand-painted sarongs which are bold and include designs of beautiful flowers. Full sarongs are around 182 x 115 cm and made of heavier grade of 100% Rayon. Batik Sarongs prices usually start at $1.65 per piece.

2. Java Handicraft - Run by two friends who both have a passion for Indonesian art, this store sells products made by small group of handcrafters mainly from Yogyakarta in Java which most of the exceptional quality handcrafts are made. Java Connection Ltd is registered in England and Wales and based in Brighton. Aside from ladies sarong and skirts, sarong for men and children, the store also sells artworks, bags, clothing and home wares.

3. Royal Bali Celadon - This Indonesian-based store sells unique handmade ceramics. Their products include green leaf, coconut, sea shell nusa dua, celadon green, sea shell reactive blue, and ganesha. Royal Bali Celadon is known for their good reputation of exporting high quality, exquisite, microwave oven and dishwasher safe ceramics. The business has been honored with various domestic and international awards including from UNESCO.

4 Java Miniature - Have an eye for miniature stuffs? Java Miniatre is a collectors haven for those people who love miniature furniture miniatures, miniature vehicles like pedicabs and mini locomotives made of plastic, wood, metal and others. Specifications are already preplanned, so, when you order it wouldn't take time for handcrafters to start cooperating with you. Java Miniature also produces collectible miniature lamps, vases, fruits, porcelain, jars and clock. To order, you may click on this link:

5. Handmade Rosary - Looking for rosaries? This Indonesian store is a manufacturer and exporter of handcrafted rosaries made of semi precious stones and also plastic rosaries in different colors. For more information about this store, you may click this link: Wrappings are basically like any other rosaries but they say, they make sure their products would arrive in hand safely.

6. Visca Kharisma Nusantra - Based on the beautiful island of East Java, this store caters to the needs of wholesale buyers of Indonesian handcrafts like houseware, home interior, furniture and other cantik. The business is founded in 2005 and sells products made by small-time handcrafters located in remote villages of Indonesia. Most of these handcrafters have no access to International markets and it is Visca Kharisma Nusantra's aim to consistently provide them business opportunities and preserve the traditional crafts and cultural identity of the handcrafter's family in Indonesia.

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