Handcrafters in Vermont

Vermont-crafted product usually conjures up an image of an old, long-bearded man up on a mountain, carving a dining room table out of maple. Why is that so? Handcrafters in Vermont are known all over the world for their originality and quality of their works. Vermont is a symbol of craftsmanship quality for years. Paul Greenberg of the Boston Globe writes: "A product labeled "Made in Vermont" - whether herb-infused maple syrup, pineapple pepper jam, or chai water buffalo yogurt - is worth to 10 percent more than the same product made elsewhere." Vermont State in a way is a brand itself.

The State of Vermont, also known as The Green Mountain State has a current membership of 250 full or part-time artists/residents dedicated to producing well-crafted products. Handcrafters in Vermont choose details that go into something well made and of high quality. Their products ranges from limited edition pieces of aromatherapy, baskets, botanicals, ceramics, decorative paintings, digital arts or photos, fiber decorative materials, fiber wearable, fine art, furniture, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, paper, print-making and wood.

Becoming a member of Vermont handcrafters is easy. An interested individual must first submit a completed application which will be later reviewed by the Jury Committee. During the evaluation an individual will attend an orientation and will be offered advice on how to improve their work. Once an individual gets accepted, he will be eligible to exhibit in marketing events for life as long as they are a resident of Vermont State.

Vermont handcrafters' website says that their organization was founded in 1955. Yearly, they produce a four-day Thanksgiving at the Sheraton Conference Center that allows customers to shop at 165 booths that showcases their products. The website the organization maintains provides shoppers product information, photos, and sellers contact numbers. For a more hassle free shopping, customers may access the website weeks prior to the annual Thanksgiving exhibit.

For those who support the "indie art and craft scene," handcrafters are allowed to take advantage of the Queen City Craft Bazaar, Vermonts indie craft fair. The bazaar started in 2007 with the aim of giving indie handcrafters in Vermont a venue to call their own. Products seen in the bazaar are punkier, edgier than a typical VT craft show. For the year 2010, the event was held May 8th at Union Station at One Main Street. The Queen City Craft Bazaar 2010 is a juried show and featured 44 talented crafters, designers and artists. Among of the indie handcrafters that joined the said event were: Stacie Mincher Designs, Happy Fantastic Designs, elm-bellishments, Broken Fingers Art, COOB Originals, New Duds, Nicole Carey, Bayview Designs, and more.

There's another exhibit dedicated for all Vermont handcrafters. It is called "Stowe Street Arts Festival." This year, it will be held on historic Stowe Street in the heart of Waterbury on July 17th. The Stowe Street Arts Festival is a community arts festival dedicated to promote visual handcrafters works. Fees range from $30 - $55.

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