Handcrafters Brief Guide to Making a Scrapbook

Scrapbooking can be a very worthwhile activity if you have the creativity to turn little and simple things into interesting ones. It is through this hobby that you can relive the memories and thrills of your and your loved ones past, including your childhood, travels, family vacations, and other special events in your life. The firsts in your life also make an interesting theme for scrapbooks. If you have never tried making a scrapbook before but you are eager to learn it, then you should learn the basics first.

A scrapbook works like a photo album in the sense that they both keep photographs. But how are they different? Scrapbooks are not limited to just photos. They may also contain keepsakes and mementos such as birthday cards you received from friends, menus and tickets reminding you of your first date, invitations to a special event you attended or organized, fabric from a gown or dress you wore on an occasion, and cutouts of your favorite recipes from newspapers or magazines. Just about anything that tells a story you would like to relive for the rest of your life can be included in your scrapbook. But if the object you want to place is too large to fit into your scrapbook, you can just take photos of them or scan them so that they can be included in the layout.

Who says scrapbooking is only for posting memorable items? You can extend your creative limits by having dedications or poems written by your family members, friends, or any relevant persons in your scrapbook. And of course, you can put your own captions to each of the photos. When writing captions, tell the story behind each picture as interestingly as you can. You can also say what your feelings are about the photos. Make sure the captions answer the five basic questions: who, what, when, where, and why.

If you have old photo albums of your parents or even your grandparents, why not volunteer to create a scrapbook for them For sure, they are going to appreciate your thoughtful gesture. On your part, doing it can be a relaxing and even therapeutic as you enjoy seeing photos that were taken decades ago. Since scrapbooking old photos allows you to have a glimpse of your parents or grandparents past, you get to appreciate your roots as well as your familys past. If your parents were able to keep mementos and keepsakes of your childhood, then those will make great additions to your scrapbook.

The two methods used in creating scrapbooks are the traditional and digital scrapbooking. The traditional method involves cutting and sticking a variety of materials. On the other hand, the newer method, digital scrapbooking, simply involves making scrapbook pages using a computer program.

Making a scrapbook is not just a way to show your artistic and creative skills, but also to capture the present and the past to make them interesting and unforgettable memories in the future. Try it and see how enjoyable of a hobby it is.

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