The Basics Of Telephone Etiquette

In the evolving and competitive world of business, it is necessary that we provide our customers with proficient services. The need for proper telephone etiquette in the office has become a major necessity in order to compete effectively with other businesses in the industry.

Customers are the ones who contribute a major profit into any business. They do not appreciate being treated with discourtesy and they are not pleased by rudeness. Therefore, it is essential that a receptionist or secretary provide the best services to their clients to keep them for a long time.

Here are some of the fundamental things you should remember.

Important Rules:

Never place the receiver on the desk without pressing the hold button. The person on the other line can hear everything thats being discussed inside the office.

Discontinue any activity before answering a call. Remember not to chew a gum since this can be disturbing to your caller.

Directly speak to the mouthpiece in a soft but firm tone.

Consider using the headset for more convenience. Such device will leave your hands free in case the caller decides to leave a message.

Remember to be polite and courteous at all times. If you encounter a rude caller, remain calm and answer his / her questions in a considerate manner.

Answer calls within two to three things. Prompt answers are always appreciated by the caller.

There are several ways to answer a call. Usually, the answers are based on how huge the organization or department is.

- Large establishments typically answer their callers this way: Thank you for calling ____ (the departments name). How may I direct your call?

- For smaller departments, they normally answer the phone by introducing themselves and asking how she / he may be of help to the caller.

The Use of Answering Devices

A huge company often uses an answering machine to take calls. The receptionist is required to save a message in the recorder so callers are prompted when to leave their message. Here is what you should include:

- Your name
- The departments name
- The reason why you are out of the reception desk at the moment
- A simple instruction of how the callers should leave their message followed by a Thank you.

Returning Calls

Individuals find it frustrating when they are unable to reach a person in the company. It is necessary for the receptionist to take such calls this way:

Inform the caller when to ring the office back again.
Take messages as necessary or ask if the caller prefers to leave a note over voicemail.
Schedule return calls in specific times.

Proper Phone Language

A secretary or receptionist should choose their words carefully when using the phone. A negative message can be very discourteous to the caller. Therefore, you need to be prepared and equipped with the right words to communicate more efficiently with callers.

Avoid the following short sentences at all costs:

- Hang on / hold on.
- Who is calling?
- Speak up, I cant hear you.
- Your complaint / your problem
- I cannot do that.
- That is not my job.
- I cannot help you on the matter. You have to speak with someone else.

If you commune properly with your clients, you are guaranteed to have a prosperous business ahead. Be sure to follow the advices listed above to achieve better communication with your clients.

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