Proper Etiquette When Meeting Someone for the First Time

If you're meeting a person for the first time, it is vital that you show some manners as a form of respect and politeness. This applies whether you are the one visiting a new place or you have new guest to attend to. The objective should be to make the other person as comfortable as possible. You can get ahead by following a few simple guidelines.

Initial Actions

If you are already expecting the person, make sure you do your research. Find out more about the person and get information such as his full name, the place of origin, occupation, reason for visiting and other connections. This will help pave the way for a smoother conversation. Use this information to ask the person and start new discussions. It will make him more comfortable, as well as give the impression that you really were anticipating his arrival.

If you are casually introduced to someone, look the person in the eye, smile, then offer your hand. As you are shaking hands, introduce yourself and get the other person's name. Repeating the name will help you remember better. Do not forget the person's name. If you still do, ask a common friend quietly to get you back on track.

When Visiting

If you're the one coming over a new person's place, try to bring a little something to show respect, such as flowers, a bottle of wine or a pie. Greet the person warmly as he opens the door. Do not enter the house until you are invited in. Once you are inside, establish your space and wait until you are invited to sit. Do not touch items and other decorations inside the house. Stick to the people you came in with and wait for the perfect time to mingle.

When dining, always practice good table manners. Do not eat until the new person or host has started to eat or insisted that you begin first. You can share jokes and tell stories at the table, as long as you consider these appropriate and decent. Avoid green jokes and other offensive remarks when meeting someone for the first time. Keep some of your opinions to yourself. You should think and review your possible comment before blurting it out.

If you want to move around the house or check out the space, always ask permission. If you need to go to the bathroom, ask for directions. Remember to keep the bathroom clean at all times. Feel free to ask about photos and other items that can be a good topic for conversation. If you land upon a sensitive topic, such as the death of a friend, give your sincerest apologies then move on.

The Way to Behave

If you meet someone for the first time, it is a good idea to keep topics light and open-ended. This way, you can gauge if the person may react positively or otherwise towards certain topics. Do not gossip with the person or you might get the impression of being someone not to be trusted. When it is time to leave, give you warmest thanks and say that it has been a pleasure getting to know him. Shake hands and look the person in the eye again as you bid farewell.

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