Internet Etiquette

The internet has become common ground for millions of people all over the world to communicate. It is equally important to know that there have been rules and etiquette established to ensure that the online world continues to be safe and fun for everyone to hang around in. Internet etiquette or "netiquette" is very easy to learn, provided you have the right background and manners for it.

Common Courtesy

Always be respectful and courteous to others when chatting inside a chatroom or sending an email. Include the words, "Please", "Thank you" and "Good morning" when writing. The internet will become a friendlier environment if you practiced politeness more. Use emoticons to convey your expressions, since people usually cannot see your face when communicating. There are plenty of emoticons available to help you share your feelings and expressions.

Informative and Brief

Keep your messages short, especially when chatting or writing an email. Try to cut your message into several short paragraphs, so that these can be easy to follow. Use acronyms and other online abbreviations to help others understand your message faster. If you're speaking to a friend or a online beginner, you can make messages longer, provided that you stick to the topic at hand, so as not to confuse the other person.

Shouting and Flooding

Writing in all capital letters is shouting in the virtual world. This can be considered very rude by a lot of people. You can capitalize proper nouns and a word or two to emphasize your point. Also avoid flooding or following up one thread or post after the next. Other people can no longer type in their messages if you occupy all the spaces available. This is also considered to be very rude. Spamming is another invasive and rude action wherein you get into a person's email and send too many messages, clogging the entire inbox.

Never speak in inappropriate or profane language when inside chatrooms. You can get banned or kicked out temporarily if a moderator discovers your rude manners. If you are talking to people from other countries, be sensitive about some of their language and try to help them understand you better by using the right language, tools and emoticons.

Privacy Matters

Never post personal information in the wrong location to avoid online predators. Always watch your kids if they are on the internet, since they can divulge useful information for dangerous individuals. Always obey copyright laws. Cyberbullying is existent online so you have to watch out for your kids carefully. Report any offensive action to moderators and web site owners.

Do not pose outrageous photos of yourself or other individuals on the internet. You can be charged with libel or slander by spreading gossip and other offensive remarks about another person online. Always be courteous and hold your tongue even when getting into fights online. The best thing to do would be to report to the right authorities and not getting in contact with the offensive party by deleting the account or cutting any links.

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