Good Bathroom Etiquette

If you're sharing a bathroom with colleagues or housemates, it is important that you also practice good hygiene and proper etiquette. Cleanliness is very important so that you keep the environment conducive for living or working. The general rule is that you need to leave the bathroom the same way it was when you entered. Here are some quick and easy tips.

For Starters

Do not gossip in the restroom. You will never know if your boss or the person you're talking about is just inside one of the stalls. Never talk about other people in the restroom. The objective is to relieve yourself and clean up. You can engage in small conversations provided that it there's no malice or other consequences.

Check a stall first before attempting to push the door in. First, check the lock sign or other indications that another person might be using the stall at the moment. Some locks do not work properly, so you will have to check a second time by viewing the open space beneath stall doors as you enter the bathroom and ensure that there is no one else using it.

When opening bathroom stall doors, push gently, instead of banging it in. This will allow the person inside to react with some time to spare, should the locks be dysfunctional. If someone reacts as you open the door, simply give your apologies then look for the next vacant stall. If you and a friend are using two stalls at the same time, do not talk to each other.

More Bathroom Manners

Do not engage in cell phone conversations in the bathroom. Do not broadcast personal matters with other people you do not know. Never argue with anyone inside the bathroom. Do not block the sinks or keep others from accessing it, just because you are putting your makeup on. Always shut the faucet after use. Do not leave anything on the sink. Always look after flushing. Always check to see if all waste is gone after flushing. In some cases, you may need to flush a second time.

Use just enough toilet paper. You may use these to open faucets and door knobs. Throw these in the waste bin after use. Skip the perfumes and other free products. It will be advisable if you bring your own soap, unless the bathroom has liquid hand soap available. Do not just spray the space around you trying to get rid of bad smell. Some people can be allergic to perfume.

Keeping It Clean

Never litter inside the bathroom. If the place needs some cleaning, call the maintenance personnel for the benefit of everyone. If the lights were already on when you entered, keep these on. Establishments usually keep the bathroom lights on. Do not take up too much time at the sink if there are others who need to use it. Never use the opposite sex's bathroom if yours is occupied.

If you find things left in the bathroom, call to see if anyone has lost anything. Empty the sink if you filled it with water initially. Make sure there are no traces of dirt and other wastes left when you're done. Also keep the mirrors clean at all times.

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