Etiquette for a True Gentleman

Real gentlemen are defined by their behavior and the ability to stay composed and proper even in the direst situations. Gentlemen always put ladies first above everything else. You can start being more mature by learning the ways of a true confident human being. You will realize that there are several other benefits that come with your good actions. Here's how.

Dressing Rules

Gentlemen should be well-dressed always, in a way that his dress is no longer observed much anymore. A well-bred man will not immediately follow fads and other fashion trends. Only young men usually follow this norm. Follow the basics, such as bringing a white handkerchief with you at all times.

Experts prefer bringing two, one for you and the other for a needing lady. Never wear dirty shoes. Shine and polish your pair before and after use. Consider the weather when going out. Do not wear flip flops unless you are going to the beach. When wearing t-shirts, make sure the cloth is thick enough. Avoid very small t-shirts. The fit should be adequate for you to raise your arms and bend over comfortably.

Accessorize just enough. The only real jewelry that a man should wear is his watch, which is why some prefer to purchase watches worth several thousands of dollars. Avoid ear piercings, tattoos and other kinds of jewelry, except your wedding ring if you have one. Make sure you wear the right contrast of colors. Stick to a base tone like black, gray, white or brown, then compliment subtly.

On Manners

Always carry yourself in a respectable and confident manner. There is a fine line between being confident and arrogant. Walk straight with your shoulders back and your chest out. When meeting someone, smile and offer your hand to shake. Remember the names of people you meet and try to engage in small conversations. It is normal to laugh, although laughing so hard may be considered rude in many occasions.

Mind your table manners and eat slowly, chewing your food properly. Use the utensils from the outside in. Whenever a lady stands up to be excused from the table or arrives to be seated, you have to stand up. Serve the ladies if you are passing food on the table. Engage in conversation as you dine.

On Conversation

Slang is considered vulgar, although modern gentlemen can now use these more freely as long as you do not include profane language. Do not talk about other people or gossip. Gentlemen should be updated with recent events such as political issues and historical situations. Try to read the newspaper once a day or watch the evening news to catch up on discussions.

Never interrupt a person who is speaking. Learn how to listen intently and ask questions to give the idea that you are concerned and interested. Talk in a composed and calm tone. You can have discussions but avoid arguments and showing loss of control. It is also good if you learn a few common words when talking to someone from a foreign country.

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