Business Meeting Etiquette

Etiquette generally means using your common sense well, together with a little practice. All people can identify the things to do and not to do especially if they are attending a business meeting. Your behavior can make or break your professional career, as well as provide some hints to your superiors and colleagues on how you should be treated in the workplace.

Primary Tips

Always be on time when joining a meeting. Arrive a few minutes before the meeting should start. This will show respect for the person who plans the meeting that you are a punctual and organized worker. Be prepared for the business meeting. Know what the topic is about and do some advanced research so you can easily follow the course.

Look for related materials and other rules that should be addressed. You will get better input by studying in advance. Bring the needed materials, such as a notebook and pen to take notes. This also shows that you are serious about the topics discussed. Participate in the meeting by asking questions and volunteering for certain tasks that need to be done.

The Right Behavior

Be polite and attentive when joining the meeting. Do not cross-talk while someone is talking and wait for the speaker to finish or until he asks for your opinion before speaking. Always be courteous and listen to the person talking. Fight the urge to argue with anybody at the table. Conduct yourself in a very professional manner. Doing your research will show that you are understanding and knowledgeable. Always thank the person who organized the meeting afterwards.

If You are Hosting

If you're the one calling for a meeting, always plan ahead and let people know about the venue and date weeks before the actual event. Send out invitations and notifications to have them prepare for the course. Always include the clear agenda. The action items may also be listed so that participants can address the issues properly. Set a time limit as well so that your colleagues can use the period productively. Provide a set number of minutes for group discussion, as well as for yourself to conduct the agenda.

Taking Initiative

Encourage punctuality by never coming late at your own meeting. Dress seriously and professionally. Even if it is a casual dressing day, come in your proper business attire. Manage the meeting well and make sure you stick to the concerns and given time limit. Each person should have the right to speak at a certain time. Guide the course of the meeting by indicating the key points and turning points.

Always be diplomatic and calm. Stay away from arguments and bickering. Summarize the points discussed in the meeting to wrap up everything. If you should request for a follow-up meeting, indicate that you will notify them with the next steps, time and place. Always request feedback as well, so that you can continually improve in your craft and become a productive member of the workplace.

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